An introduction

Like a shopkeeper re-opening a beloved shop in the neighbourhood where it’s predecessor once stood, I’m rolling up the shutters and flipping the sign round on the door to ‘open’.  Open for business once more, except:

  • I’m not selling anything on this blog (at least, I don’t intend to!)
  • It’s not the same as what came before
  • I’m the original owner!

So what happened?  Over a decade ago this was my first website where I really started to explore the use of HTML, CSS and PHP during my time at college whilst I was studying computing.  Over time it got neglected due to the demands of university, and then my career.  But my passion for blogging never died!

So now, as I’m on the cusp of relaunching and refreshing my blogs I wanted a space to document this process without cluttering up the blogs themselves with all this chit-chat.  I’ve been meaning to re-brand and relaunch my other blogs for a couple of years now without much progress.  This blog gives me the opportunity to practice blogging again and the accountability to actually launch something!

At least I’ve got the about‘ page written, which is a start.

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