The main blog that I’m going to be focussing most of my time redesigning is going to live on a test site, or sandbox environment if you will.  This is a space where no one will be able to see it; I can try out different concepts, and I can experiment with features without fear of breaking the site because I can wipe it and start over if need be.

Speaking of which… I may have already broken the site!  Or more specifically some taxonomies and permalinks.  In case those links didn’t give it away, yes, I’ll be developing the blog using the WordPress platform.  I’ll elaborate below on what I’m trying to achieve, and why I’m trying to achieve it.

I’m trying to do two different things:

  1. Add ‘location’ as a thing
  2. Have hierarchical URIs

Location, location location

Most blogs have categories, right?  If you write a review about a book, it could be filed under ‘books’, ‘reviews’, even ‘book reviews’.  Whatever makes sense for the content of your blog really.  A custom taxonomy may mean you can have ‘genre’ or ‘Author’ behaving like a category or tag, but not tied down to your existing structure.

Another example is what I’m trying to achieve. I may have a blog post filed under ‘travel’ or ‘food’, but I want to include where I’ve been and where I’ve eaten.  ‘Spain’ and ‘Barcelona’ would do the trick.  This is achieved by creating ‘location’ as a taxonomy that behaves like a category but is entirely independent of it.

Hierarchical URIs

The maddening thing is I’ve had this working previously with the help of a plugin, but after wiping my sandbox site once before, my fresh installation of WordPress is rejecting every attempt I’ve made to re-enforce hierarchy.  I’m not too bothered about having a hierarchy of categories, but I definitely want it functioning for locations:

I guess I’ll have to wipe the sandbox site and try again…

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